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New story about making charcoal the way the Vikings did.

Terry Dearry, who wrote the Horrible Histories, was making a film about Fulford.

If you are at the Jorvik festival the come and listen to the book in York on Monday 15th January at 11.

This site is all about 1066

and why we wrote our book

and how we put the pictures together.

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The book tells the wonderful, thrilling and occasionally funny story of the people and events that brought one of the biggest changes in the history of England.

This book is about our story- it's about your and me -  because the events of 1066 still affect what we do today.

 So let's talk about history....

History is....'bunk', 'lies', 'fiction' according to some memorable quotes.

Or is it more like detective work?

Take your pick.

"More books like this one introducing historical study in a sympathetic way are needed if ‘ourstory’ is to be understood by today’s children." Read full review

meet more characters.

OurStory is all about finding out - we hope it gives you some ideas

Where do you want to start?

Story of the illustrations     History is..      Walking to Waltham Abbey    History in stitches

There is a site devoted to saving the battlesite: The site has the story of the process that has allowed the site to be designated an access road to a Green Field, flood-plane housing estate. Visiting Fulford        Map York

And another website for the Fulford Tapestry that tells the story of the September 1066: This tells the story embroidered into the panels.

There is a blog covering these sites where you can leave questions and make comments.

The author of the content is Charles Jones - fulfordthing@gmail.com

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